1980's -
  • Founded in 1979
  • Introduced independent Engineering Services and Component Repairs for Heavy Frame Industrial GTs
  • Introduced FSR® Rejuvenation® for turbine blades
1990's -
  • Introduced Advanced Repairs for Aeroderivative and Light Industrial Gas Turbines
  • LPM® Powder Metallurgy Repair Process patented and approved for repairs and new part manufacture by OEMs
  • Liburdi Automation develops LAWS family of Automated Welding Systems
  • Liburdi acquires Dimetrics Corp., Hobart Advanced Welding Division, and Pulsweld Corp. and integrates them into new Liburdi Dimetrics Corp.®
  • Liburdi facilities in Canada expanded
  • Liburdi RIC® coatings approved and used by OEM on aircraft components
2000's -
  • Liburdi is Authorised by Rolls-Royce for Aeroderivative Repairs
  • Liburdi is Authorised by Dresser-Rand for power turbine component repairs
  • Liburdi Turbine Services LLC in North Carolina opened
  • Liburdi facilities certified by AS9100/ISO9000 — Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (FAA)
  • Liburdi introduces repairs for GE and P&W flight engines
  • ATT Joint Venture in United Arab Emirates opened for Aeroderivative and Light Industrial turbine repairs
  • New expanded facilities opened for Liburdi Automation in Canada and Liburdi Turbine Services LLC in North Carolina