M Series - Full Function, Clamp on - in Place Orbital Pipe Welding Heads

The M series clamp on weld heads provide economical full function capability for in place welding of assemblies, pipe and tube. Wire can be pulsed or synchronized with current pulsing.

M Series heads feature an innovative parallel clamping mechanism with tension setting for non slip mounting and self centering. The slim profile design allows industry leading, minimal radial and axial clearance.


Diameter Range (in)

Diameter Range (mm)


0.840 - 2.875

21.3 - 73.03


1.315 - 4.500

33.4 - 114.3


2.875 - 6.625

73.03 - 168.28


  • AVC and Oscillation (OSC) module allows fully programmable weave and multi-pass welding.
  • AVC: provides 1" (25 mm) servo driven motion and 1.18" (30 mm) manual adjustment.
  • OSC: provides 3/4" (19 mm) servo driven motion and 3/4" (19mm) manual adjustment.

Recommended Power Supplies

P300 - Precision Welding in a Portable System

Download Datasheet: click here

Light weight for portability and less operator fatigue.

M Series - demonstration video