i Head — Continuous Spiral I.D. Cladding Weld Head

The Liburdi Dimetrics i Head was specifically designed for GTAW applications requiring continuous spiral ID cladding, and ID groove welds. It is perfect for small diameter pipes, nozzles, and vessel wall penetrations.

Key features include 24" of axial travel, continuous rotation synchronized with axial travel, AVC, wire feed, and HF arc starting.

A range of 3 standard torches support post weld ID of .70" to pre-weld ID of 8.75". All of the torches are water cooled and for most applications use off the shelf consumables.

Torches can also be equipped with a camera for remote viewing.

Recommended Power Supplies

GTVI — Legendary Performance in Pipe Welding

Download Datasheet: click here

Spiral ID Cladding Head

I Head — demonstration video