H Head — Narrow Gap Weld Head

The H Head builds on the heritage of Liburdi Dimetrics field hardened products.

The H Head forms a flexible platform for a variety of GTAW applications, from ID Cladding to Narrow Groove welding.

The H Head is a truly modular product, in its basic form the H Head supports travel, wire feed, AVC and oscillation functions. The front-end comes with an enhanced version of our standard Dimetrics C torch and dual wire nozzle adjustment. The basic head is also equipped with a telescoping arm providing an additional 6" (152mm) of torch cross-seam adjustment.


  • Hot Wire (requires GoldTrack®VI with Hot Wire Option)
  • Weld Monitoring Cameras (c/w motorized iris, water cooled housing; requires Liburdi FireViewTM Console or Camera Control Module)
  • ID Adapter Kit
  • Wire Straightener
  • Extension Cables

Recommended Power Supplies

P300 — Precision Welding in a Portable System

GTVI — Legendary Performance in Pipe Welding

Download Datasheet: click here

A truly modular pipe welding system with many configurations available to meet specific application requirements.

Narrow Groove Welding Utilizing the H-Head NG Front End and FireView Remote Vision System

H-Head — demonstration video