G Head — Pipe Welding Head

The Liburdi Dimetrics G Head is designed for remote automatic welding/overlay of pipe with GTAW (TIG) welding process. O.D. pipes sizes ranging from 4 inches to flat plate (and even ID curved surfaces). The G Head is a remarkably versatile welding tool for any industry where high integrity welds are required, repetitively and quickly.

In its standard form, the G Head provides a full function (with automatic Arc Voltage Control and Oscillation), cold wire configuration, with capability to adapt to both Hot Wire and Narrow Groove applications and extended reach for cladding applications.

Fully compatible with our "FireView" vision system and portable viewing system in conjunction with our optional video front ends.


  • Narrow groove torch
  • Dual wire feeders ( 2 x 120 or 2 x 400 IPM)
  • Dual spool holders ( 2 x 4" or 2 x 8" spools)
  • Dual hot wire kit
  • Socket adapter kit
  • ID adapter kit (for welding inside a pipe)
  • Cable modification kit (for welding inside 16" pipe)
  • AVC - oscillator interchange kit
  • Extension Cables 50' (15m) (up to 6 extensions can be used depending on application)
  • Video front end for remote viewing
  • Narrow gap video front end
  • Different length osc. rails for different length strokes

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Download Datasheet: click here

Flat plate to Infinite OD Welding Capability. The Oscillation Rail System is ideal for Welding/Overlays of Pipe.