FireView™ 4.0 - Remote Weld Control Software

The FireView™ 4, remote high resolution viewing and welding control system, with Gold Track VI configuration provides precise remote operator monitoring and control of the welding process across a wide range of harsh environments.

The Liburdi FireView™ 4 system incorporates the latest digital imaging technology to provide the widest dynamic range and highest resolution possible in welding processes to accurately capture and record full colour images of the welding arc.

FireView™ 4 allows the user to design screens, buttons and keyboard shortcuts specific to the application*. Intuitive touch screen controls offer, touch-screen keyboard, weld programming*, override welding parameters, AVC sensitivity slider controls, toggle buttons for wire, purge, travel and weld modes.

* denotes optional add-ons

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Demonstration video — Fireview 4.0 Remote Weld Control.