PTW160™ - Smallest Portable Welding System on the Market

The PTW160™ is the ultimate answer to any portable welding needs. Its minimal weight make it easily transportable into areas where conventional welding systems cannot reach. Everything you need to perform clean room and high purity welds is packaged into the smallest portable welding system on the market.

Featuring a direct cooled 160 Amp inverter power supply, arc starter, and integral controller as well as optional built in water cooler and printer, the PTW160™ offers unmatched performance and value.


  • AVC
  • Custom Head Developer Kit
  • Dual MFC Gas Control
  • Offline Programming and Data Log Tools
  • Ethernet Streaming Telemetry and Control
  • Modbus/TCPIP Control Interface
  • Operators Pendant
  • Printer
  • SSTL Gas Lines
  • Wire Feed
  • CE Compliant Version Available

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PTW160™ — Tube to tubesheet, stainless steel high purity welds from a compact package. Ideal for welding applications in the Electronics, Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical & Refrigeration industries.