P300TM - Precision Welding in a Portable System

Bred from the stringent requirements of aero engine repair, the Liburdi Dimetrics P300TM portable, full function welding power supply provides high precision welding in standard tube and pipe welding applications.

Modular, light weight design delivers a super fast 150,000 cycles per second series switch to produce an incredibly crisp and stable welding arc every time.

Using Pulsweld current module technology, the portable P300TM power supply is a revolution in high integrity welding applications and is unique to the Liburdi Dimetrics Corporation.


  • Offline Programmer
  • Notebook Computer Interface
  • Custom Head Developer Kit
  • Offline Programming and Data Log Tools
  • Ethernet Streaming Telemetry and Control
  • Modbus/TCPIP Control Interface
  • Operators Pendant
  • Optional 2 Axis for 4 Servos Total
  • CE Compliant Version Available

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P300TM - High Integrity Code Quality GTAW Welds with Maximum Portability for Tube, Pipe, and Tube Sheet Applications

Demonstration video - Precision Welding in a Portable System