Orbitig™ 240 — High Integrity GTAW Code Quality Portable System

Highly refined from our ORBITIG™ legacy line, the ORBITIG™ 240 was designed as a next generation mid-level power source to accommodate effortless programming of complex weld cycles. This multi-purpose welding power source provides high precision welding for tube and pipe applications.

Our modular, light weight design delivers versatility and effectiveness in the field. ORBITIG™ 240 shares a common control platform with all current Dimetrics power sources.

Dual-Core® current technology produces high integrity, code quality welds while maintaining maximum portability. Power source can operate fusion, wire feed weld heads or automated systems.

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ORBITIG™ 240 — High Integrity Code Quality GTAW Welds with maximum portability for Tube, Pipe, and Tube Sheet Applications