OrbiMIG II — Orbital MIG Welding System™

The innovative design of the OrbiMIG II™ is setting a new industry standard for automatic MIG welding.

An ideal system for pipeline, power piping, process piping, large diameter vessel and weld overlay applications; specifically, heavy-wall and high-temperature/high pressure service piping.

With the speed of MIG and the repeatability of microprocessor control, the OrbiMIG II™ welding system gets the job done fast and exceeds the user's code, quality and production requirements.

System Components

The OrbiMIG II™ System includes our LCX™ Universal PC-Based controller, integrated GMA/FCAW welding power supply with travel, wire feed, oscillation, arc gap controls and our Orbital Pendant for parameter control at the weld joint. Available water cooled head provides full function capability.

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OrbiMIG II — All position 360° welding capability