Gold Track® VI Automated Welding System

The Gold Track® VI provides an impressive 600 Amperes of power at 100% Duty Cycle. The legendary built-in Gold Track Controller allows synchronized control of 2 to 8 servos and can operate all pipe and tube heads.

Its modular design features a heavy duty 20 kW transformer supplying power to dual 300 Amp Pulsweld current modules with a super fast 150,000 cycles per second series switch to produce an incredibly crisp and stable welding arc every time.

*Optional Hot Wire

The Gold Track® VI Hot Wire CC™ Automated Welding System produces high quality GTA welds with overall speeds comparable to those of GMAW systems. The process automatically adjusts the wire current as the operator increases or decreases the wire feed rate, maximizing deposition rates and reducing overall welding time.

The system is available in standard single hot wire configuration, or in a dual hot wire setup for bidirectional applications.

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Gold Track® VI — High Reliability Welding Power Supply for Nuclear, Power Plant, Pipeline, Ship Building, and many other Industrial Applications