P Series — Tube-to-Tube Sheet Welding System

Typically used for the manufacture and repair of heat exchangers in the petrochemical, power generation, HVAC, food and beverage industries, the Liburdi range of tubesheet welding equipment provides choice and flexibility for applications which require strength in the weld.

These weld heads are rugged enough to withstand the rigorous activity of heat exchanger manufacturing. The wide ID range and highly flexible P-16/P-20 weld heads are designed for the user who needs one welding tool to accomplish not only strength and seal welds, but also internal bore and box header welds.

P-16, P-16M and P-20 tube sheet weld heads accommodate flush, recessed and extended tube applications covering the range of 0.394" to 5.5" diameters.

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P Series Tube-to-Tube Weld Heads — rugged enough to withstand the rigors of heat exchanger manufacturing.