MH Series - Tube-to-Tube or Pipe-to-Pipe Welding

Highly flexible, the MH series GTAW (TIG) weld heads can be used to weld tubing and pipework in a variety of industries. These open frame, adjustable, weld heads accommodate outside diameters ranging from 1" to 6.625" (25 mm - 170 mm).

The weld heads can also operate with or without wire feed.

Design Benefits:

  • three jawed chuck with replaceable clamshells to ensure a secure fit with a high degree of clamping accuracy,
  • quick release feature that permits fast mount and dismount from the work,
  • cross seam and vertical torch height adjusters that can be manually adjusted during welding,
  • adjustable torch angle allowing flange and socket welds to be carried out simply and effectively,
  • designed for excellent reliability due to its simplified design and minimal spare parts.

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MH Series GTAW (TIG) Weld Head