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Liburdi Dimetrics — Advanced Orbital Welding Systems

Liburdi Dimetrics was founded during the birth of mechanized welding in the 1960s. For more than four decades Liburdi Dimetrics has led the industry in orbital welding technology and code construction services.

It was the first company to introduce orbital welding technology to nuclear construction and has the enviable position leading the world in new power plant construction and repair. The world's first in containment weld overlay repair was performed remotely through its subsidiary Liburdi Gapco in 1983. This founding work paved the way for all future remote service work that has followed since and has branched out from North America to Asia and Europe.

The GoldTrack welding system developed by Liburdi Dimetrics has become the ubiquitous welding solution most often relied on by field service companies for code quality. It has become the most copied but never duplicated system in the industry.

In addition to Nuclear Power, Liburdi has added Fossil, Gas, Solar and Hydro powered service welding technology to its portfolio. The shortage in skilled manual welders is being overcome with highly productive, 1st time quality mechanized solutions using our vast experience base. Building on our power plant related technology, Liburdi has moved into the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries supporting North America's growth. We have added regional field offices specifically to support this important sector in Houston and Edmonton.