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Liburdi Dimetrics — Advanced Orbital Welding Systems

Liburdi Dimetrics Corporation (LDC) was founded during the birth of mechanized welding in the 1960s. For more than six decades, Liburdi has led the industry in orbital technology and code construction welding.

It was the first company to introduce orbital welding technology to the nuclear industry and has the enviable position leading the world in new power plant construction and repair. The world's first in-containment remote weld overlay repair was performed using Liburdi Dimetrics equipment by its subsidiary, Liburdi Gapco, in 1983. This founding work has paved the way for all remote welding applications that followed.

In addition to nuclear power, LDC has a portfolio of welding solutions to support fossil fuel and renewable energy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, medical, aerospace, semiconductor and other industries. Our mechanized and automated systems help to alleviate the challenges caused by global shortage of skilled manual welders. Our solutions offer high productivity through robust construction, ease of use and first time quality.

Above all else, Liburdi is a welding technology company. The Gold Track R developed by LDC has become the leading welding system relied on by field service companies worldwide. It has become the most copied, but never duplicated, power supply and controller in the industry. LDC continues to innovate by investing in new technologies, such as adaptive welding and advanced weld monitoring.