Seamers, Rotary Positioners, Turning Rolls Industrial Welding Systems

Seamers make longitudinal butt welds on sheet metal parts of various shapes such as cylinders, flat sheets and cones. They can be used with the TIG, MIG, Plasma and Sub Arc welding processes.

External Seamer - the most common type of seamer. The weld is made on the outside of a cylindrically shaped part on material from .005" to 3/8" thick and up to 25 feet in length.

Bench Seamer - similar to External Seamer - is designed for light gauge material and parts from 12" to 36" in length.

Elevating Seamer - the bed raises and lowers making it ideal for longitudinal seams on various larger diameter applications such as tanks. The Elevating Seamer accommodates parts up to 96" in diameter and 20' in length.

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