Infinity Cladding Head™

Designed to provide an all-in-one solution for factory welding needs. It is an ideal tool for corrosion resistant overlays, hardfacing, "safe-end" processing, feature build-up and many other applications.

The head is capable of ID and OD cladding, groove and fillet welding, as well as processing of complex features, such as cylinder to cylinder ("saddle") and cylinder to sphere welds. In a typical configuration, the Infinity Cladding Head™ is attached to mast and boom manipulator to provide a stable platform with motorized head positioning capability.

At the heart of the Infinity Cladding Head™ is a slip ring for infinite head rotation. This feature enables continuous welding without the problems of cable management.

Recommended Power Supplies

GTVI — Legendary Performance in Pipe Welding

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Infinity Cladding Head — demonstration video