Automated Welding Systems — LAWS 500

Typical Applications

  • Compressor Blades LPC, IPC & HPC
  • Compressor Impellers, BLISK / IBR (integrated bladed rotors)
  • Turbine Blades HPT, IPT & LPT

Integrated Robotics, Welding and Vision System

This multi-axis robotic system offers fully coordinated motion for welding complex geometric components. The optional capability of integrating a robotic arm for part manipulation, loading and unloading of components.

The LAWS 500 is in service globally as a stand alone system for single part flow or as a fully integrated system in an automated production cell.

To accomplish the necessary motion and vision operations a high end, latest generation “digital signal processor” DSP I/O is coupled with a state of the art computer controller.

Available 3D vision optics for part characterization and motion control.

Graphical user interface with English block by block text program.

Ease of use with accurate, repeatable performance.

We also offer the option of Liburdi’s “Turn-Key” systems, which include the development of the weld process, NDT examination, metallurgical certification, training and start-up.

Smallest shop foot print 40”(102cm) x 36”(91 cm) x 95”(241 cm) for an automated welding system.

Automated Part Handling

Rack mounted trays are inserted into the loading cell with 40-70 blades depending on size for batch processing. The robot picks and places each blade one by one in sequence for weld tip restoration. Blades are then placed back in their rack for the next batch after each weld. Please consult factory for compatible blade types and batch processing solutions that will increase your productivity.

Download Datasheet: click here

LAWS 500 — accurate, repeatable performance

Automated parts Loading