Dabber® Automated Welding Systems

The industry standard for precision welding, the Liburdi Dabber® produces precisely controlled beads on thin edges with minimal heat affected zones.

The Dabber® offers versatility in applications ranging from titanium, super alloy jet engine seals, alloy steel molds and diesel engine valves. Built in feature includes the ability to seam in a straight line up to 42" with linear boom.

Powered by our legendary Gold Track® VI — the Dabber's state of the art control architecture is expandable to 8 servos of motion control including wire feed, and comes standard with high speed data monitoring and USB and Ethernet ports to support the latest internet connectivity technology — MODBUS.

In addition to the standard welding functions, the servo and I/O functions can be connected through the auxiliary port and used to operate custom applications such as lathes, seamers, machining and inspection equipment.

Download Datasheet — Dabber® with Pulsweld: click here

Download Datasheet — Dabber® with GTVI: click here

Dabber — demonstration video