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Liburdi Automation — Automated, Vision Based Welding Systems

Liburdi Automation is an industry leader in the development of automated, vision based welding systems for turbine, aerospace, industrial and tube mill applications. Not only do we boast extensive metallurgical, engineering, robotics, controls and vision expertise for new product development and turnkey welding solutions, but also that all of our automated welding systems can be custom tailored to your specific requirements. The Liburdi line of LAWS™ automated welding systems is the industry standard for welding compressor and turbine blades and vanes, while the Dabber® automated welding systems are widely used for seal and rotor applications.

Liburdi also manufacturers the Pulsweld® line of precision welding power sources which are renowned for accuracy and repeatability, with proven performance in aerospace, nuclear, medical, automotive, tube mills and research & development applications. Pulsweld® power sources are available in both GTAW and PAW configurations and, along with the patented Variable Polarity systems, are the technologies of choice for critical aerospace welding applications such as space launch vehicles.

These automated welding systems can be integrated with:

  • Laser, Plasma or GTAW Power Sources
  • Wire or Powder Fillers
  • Integral Vision Controls
  • Complete Repair Cell

To learn more about our automated welding systems or to learn more about how we can build a custom solution for your enterprise speak to one of our application specialists.