LAWS Touch Pendant™

The LAWS Touch Pendant™ is the next generation full function pendant for Liburdi Automated Welding Systems. The LAWS Touch Pendant™ builds on the weld specific feature set and intuitive button layout of its predecessor, the Seal Pendant, while enhancing the operator experience through a 7” WVGA touch screen.

The strength of Liburdi’s pendants have been the ability to quickly dial in the correct parameters without searching for soft keys and having axis specific control. The LAWS Touch Pendant™ continues this using tactile control buttons with snap action feel and audible feedback. As well, using encoder knobs with detents, allows the operator to know exactly how much a key process variable has been changed.

The new 7” WVGA resistive touch screen and modern operating system allows for multi-language support, configurable soft keys and integrated alarm manager. This allows operators to toggle digital outputs and clear alarm message directly from the pendant.

Overall, this unit is more reliable, has increased configurability, is more compact and is lighter than the Seal Pendant. It can be ordered to be compatible with previous LAWS systems but new features require WinLAWS™ 3.4.17 or higher.

Download Datasheet: click here

LAWS Touch Pendant — compact, light weight, fully configurable.