Liburdi Automated Welding Systems — LAWS 500

Typical Applications Include

  • Air Seals
  • Impellers
  • Blisks
  • Compressor Blades

New Innovations for Adaptability & Improved Quality

The LAWS 500 was initially designed to meet the strong demand for automated welding of aero turbine components. Today, intuitive features have been developed to increase the yield of quality weld repairs, further assure operator safety, and improve the overall user experience. The LAWS is capable of welding complex shapes with minimal operator intervention, using closed-loop peripheral sensors and advanced 2D and 3D imaging. Our highly regarded expertise in welding procedure development is complimented by this advanced technology; now part dimensions and weld quality characteristics can be precisely analyzed and monitored. The robot can adapt to variations that effect weld quality, all while communicating and capturing live data via the new 4.0 software technology system.

Download Datasheet: LAWS 500 Brochure

LAWS 500