Automated Welding Systems — LAWS 4000
with Integrated Robotics, Welding and Vision System

Typical Applications

  • Fan Blades
  • Large BLISK / IBR's
  • Case Flanges
  • Knife Edge Seals
  • Shaft Seals
  • Bearing Housings

The unique open architecture of the LAWS 4000™ provides a large working envelope, ergonomically designed for safety and ease of operation. The X and Z axis are positioned overhead for accuracy and operating convenience.

The LAWS-4000™ offers computer synchronized pulsing of the wire and current to yield exceptional heat management at the torch. This unequalled heat management feature allows the LAWS-4000™ to process critical aerospace parts like thin knife edge seals, turbine cases and combustor liners with superior results.

Liburdi Robotic Controller™ (LRC)

Powerful PC based controller for high reliability and ease of maintenance, graphic display features for critical weld parameters, easy to use English language programming and multi feature pendant designed specifically for welding.

Liburdi Seam Tracker™(LST)

The latest in innovative laser line scanning technology designed especially for the LAWS™ system. This is a flexible structured light sensory system using high resolution 3-D laser system and multiple cameras for superior imaging and feature recognition.

The information is processed by the PC based Liburdi Robotic Controller™ (LRC) for precise telemetry feedback to the motion system. Even the most difficult geometry can be welded automatically with the vision technology.

With the option of Liburdi’s “Turn-Key” systems, we can provide development of the weld process, NDT examination, metallurgical certification, training and start-up.

Download Datasheet: LAWS 4000 Brochure

LAWS 4000 — 5-8 axis cordinated motion system