SIEMENS SGT 400 (Ruston Cyclone) Blades and Vanes

Advanced Repairs available only from Liburdi Turbine Services

Row 1 Blades - Full Life Refurbishment and Upgrade

  • Superior tip weld alloy reduces burn-back and maintains performance for full-service interval
  • FSR® Rejuvenation heat treatment avoids scheduled blade retirement
  • Full coating replacement
  • External Options: NiCoCrAlY, or NiCoCrAlY airfoil & shank + TBC on TIP blade

Row 2 Blades – Upgrade and Extend Service Life

  • Full chemical coating removal
  • Trailing Edge and platform crack repairs
  • FSR® Rejuvenation treatment process restores alloy strength
  • Dimensional repair and reprofile of tip for improve efficiency
  • Full Coating replacement, External Options: Airfoil & Shank NiCoCrAlY, or NiCoCrAlY

Row 1 and Row 2 Vanes – Extended Life Repairs High performance alloys such as: IN 939 , & Mar M 247

  • High strength LPM® process for heavy crack repairs – outperforms conventional welding
  • Advanced External Coating options: LSR, Platinum aluminized as well as NiCoCrAlY, or NiCoCrAlY
  • Upper & Lower Platform TBC to improve nozzle durability

Download Datasheet: click here