Heavy Duty Industrial — GE Frame 6FA, 7FA, 9FA

Liburdi's Advanced Repairs for expensive critical turbine components:

  • Buckets,
  • Nozzles,
  • Shroud Blocks,
  • Combustor Liners,
  • Transition Pieces,
  • Fuel Nozzles.

Component Life Extension — savings for the operator:

The conventional repairs carried out by others are limited to weld repairs and strip/recoat. The parts are then typically retired after 50,000 - 70,000 hours of service per OEM convention. Liburdi's Advanced Repairs are designed and proven to extend reliable service life to 100,000+ hours.

This can amount to a maintenance savings of $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 at time of engine overhaul.

Savings = the difference between the cost of new parts and the cost of the Advanced Repairs.

Advanced Repair Processes

  • FSR® Full Solution Rejuvenation® to restore Bucket alloys to as-new alloy strength
  • Internal Cooling passages Stripped and Recoated — new coatings internal and externa,l
  • Stage 1 Bucket L3667 Oxidation Resistant Tip Weld Material — maintain engine performance,
  • Stage 2, Stage 3 Bucket Shroud Upgrades to restore lift and reduce stress concentrations,
  • Stage 2, Stage 3 Bucket Cutter Tooth Upgrades,
  • Stage 2, Stage 3 Bucket Coating Upgrades — TBC and Silicon Aluminide,
  • LPM™ High Strength Powder Metallurgy Restoration for Nozzle Assemblies,
  • Repair and Upgrades for Combustor Components.

Since 1995 entire fleets have benefited from Liburdi's FSR® service to reliably extend life — 250+ Sets Repaired.

Download Datasheet: click here

Download Combustion System Datasheet: click here

Frame 7FA Stage 1 Bucket - 4 service intervals 100,000 hours

Frame 7FA Stage 1 Nozzle - 4 service intervals 100,000 hours