Aero Derivative – Industrial SGT-A35

Liburdi Advanced Repairs for all Expensive Critical Components:

Authorised by Siemens, but proprietary to Liburdi for all models of Industrial SGT-A35 -24A/C, -24G, -24GT.

  • Turbine Blades,
  • NGVs,
  • Seal Segments,
  • Compressor Vanes and OGVs.

HPT and IPT Component Life Extension — Savings for the Operator:

The conventional repairs carried out by others at 24,000 hours is limited to weld repairs and strip/recoat. The parts are then typically retired after 50,000 - 70,000 hours of service.

Liburdi's Advanced Repair is designed and proven to extend the reliable service life to 100,000+ hours. This can amount to a maintenance savings of $600,000 - $900,000 for each engine overhaul.

Savings = the difference between the cost of new parts and the cost of the Advanced Repairs.

Liburdi's Advanced Repairs Includes:

  • Full Solution Rejuvenation (FSR®) to restore HPT and IPT Blade alloys to as-new,
  • L3667 Oxidation Resistant Tip Weld Material – maintain engine performance and component integrity throughout the service interval,
  • Liburdi Powder Metallurgy (LPM®) restoration for NGVs and Seal Segments.

Download Datasheet: click here

Industrial SGT-A35 HPT Blade - 6 service intervals 140,000 hours

Industrial SGT-A35 HPT Vane - 4 service intervals 100,000 hours