Aero Derivative — GE LM1600, LM2500, LM2500+

Blade Life Extension — Savings for the Operator:

Conventional repairs carried out by others at 24,000 hours is limited to tip welding and strip/recoat. The parts are then retired after their second service interval at 50,000 hours.

Liburdi's Advanced Repair is designed to to extend the service life to 100,000+ hours. This amounts to a maintenance savings of $500,000 - $800,000 at the time of overhaul.

Savings = the difference between the cost of new parts and the cost of the Advanced Repair.

Liburdi's Advanced Repairs Include:

  • Full Solution Rejuvenation® (FSR®) — restores alloy strength to as-new,
  • Full Recoating Protection — Internal and External Coatings,
  • Oxidation Resistant Tip Weld Material — to maintain engine performance throughout the service interval.

Download Datasheet: click here

LM2500 HP2 Blade - 4 service intervals 100,000 hours

LM1600 HPT Blade - 4 service intervals 100,000 hours