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Liburdi, specialists in Advanced Gas Turbine Repair and Upgrade offer significant improvements in turbine life extension through the repair and upgrade of gas turbine blades, buckets, vanes, nozzles and combustors.

Some of the processes developed and used by Liburdi include:

FSR® Rejuvenation Heat Treatments

Full Solution Rejuvenation® (®FSR) heat treatment cycles, developed and introduced by Liburdi since 1980 to restore the alloy microstructure and the original creep strength, have been successfully applied to over over 80,000 blades over the past 30 years.

Specialized Welding Systems

High performance blades suffer oxidation metal loss at the tips due to high operating temperatures. Liburdi’s spec weld alloys as Series 3000tm oxidation resistant weld alloy is now used for repair which provide superior oxidation resistance compared to the original blade alloy.

Laser and MicroPlasma welding systems developed by Liburdi for the aero industry are being used to successfully weld these alloys.

Internal and External Coating Systems

Conventional repairs only remove and replace the external coatings. Liburdi’s unique process is able to chemically strip both the Internal and External coatings so both can be replaced with new protective coatings for extended service.

LPM® High Strength Powder Metallurgy Repair Process

Vanes and Nozzle segments are prone to cracking initiated during start/stop cycles. To extend the ultimate service life and time between repairs, Liburdi employs our patented, LPM® Powder Metallurgy process for high strength repairs which are proven in service to be superior compared to welding, and stronger than the original casting material in the case of cobalt vanes.

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FSR Rejuvenation Heat Treatments: Download Datasheet

LPM High Strength Powder Metallurgy Repair Process: Download Datasheet

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CMM dimensional modeling of Turbine Blade

CMM Laser Scanning of Turbine Blade