Protective Coatings

Liburdi Engineering has pioneered in the development of several unique coating processes capable of depositing high performance wear resistant and oxidation resistant coatings.

Liburdi innovations in environmentally compliant slurry aluminides has pioneered the removal of all Chrome and carcinogenic elements and effluents to develop environmentally safe, operator friendly, REACH compliant coatings for industry.

Available as a service or through our CERAL partnership in the USA as a drop in replacement for existing hot section slurry coatings.

Liburdi has a complete thermal spray robotics capability for numerous gas turbine applications in HVOF, APS and bond coat systems to address the cold and hot section of the gas turbine engines. Find out what lasts the longest in your specific application.

Liburdi's EB-PVD coatings for erosion resistance have been in service with the USAF / NAVY and select commercial applications for over 20 years with hundreds of thousands of parts coated in service.

Today Liburdi leads the way in Liquid Droplet Erosion resistant coatings for Flight and Industrial applications. With chambers large enough to coat compressor fan blades and R0 industrial compressor parts with class leading ceramic erosion coatings.

Fr 7 LDE after 8000 hours coated with Liburdi GENIII ER coating.

HVOF & APS robotics applications for gas turbines.

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