Plant Commissioning Services

LIBURDI ENGINEERING is an independent provider of power plant performance testing, analysis and upgrade services to plant owner/operators and equipment suppliers. Liburdi has over 25 years of industry experience modeling and testing simple, combined and co-generation gas turbine power plants.

Our performance testing services may be used to verify acceptance guarantees for new plants or equipment. Performance models have been developed to accurately analyze gas turbine, HRSG, and steam turbine operations for condition monitoring and engineered upgrades.

Liburdi's experienced engineering staff has a comprehensive range of industry expertise in:

  • gas turbine performance modeling and testing,
  • turbine and compressor aerodynamic analysis,
  • gas turbine mechanical design,
  • cycle conceptual design,
  • gas turbine commissioning and testing,
  • multi-pressure heat recovery steam generator modeling and testing,
  • steam turbine blade and aerodynamic design,
  • thermo-economic analysis.

In support of our on-site testing services we have developed detailed computer programs in accordance with the Performance Test Codes (PTCs), American Gas Association (AGA) fluid flow standards and OEM specific test methods. Our scope of testing services includes test procedure development, on-site setup/test and post test calculations and analysis.

The Liburdi team have provided new plant commissioning oversight for over 5,000 MW of new facilities throughout North America. Our customers for both new plant commissioning and mature plant diagnostics include some of the most preeminent Power Generation and Oil and Gas companies worldwide.

Health Monitoring and Performance Analysis Software