Performance Analysis Software

Liburdi has developed advanced, high precision engine performance models for analysing the source of performance degradation and in developing performance improvements.

These programs are similar to those used by the engine designer and enable a detailed, stage-by-stage analysis to be carried out over the full operating range in support of Liburdi's engine modification and performance upgrade activities. Detailed models are developed specifically for each engine model in order to provide this high level of accuracy.

GTAP™ Performance Software

The GTAP™ Performance Software is used to analyze and predict on-site performance for the full range of on-design and off-design operation including the source and cost of engine performance degradation. The software is configured specifically for each engine model, either industrial frame or aero-derivative, and can include heat recovery cycles for combined cycle and co-generation installations..

GTHM™ Gas Turbine Health Monitoring Software

GTHM™ Software is based on the GTAP™ Performance Software with additional capabilities for engine health monitoring, metallurgical lifing algorithms and diagnostics. The software lifing algorithms are uniquely able to optimize the overhaul interval for the individual engines for true “On-Condition Maintenance”.

Gas Turbine Health Datasheet: Download Datasheet

Liburdi GTAP Performance Analysis System display screen

Liburdi GTAP Performance Analysis System display screen