Component Failure Analysis

The Liburdi team applies an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of turbine failures.

Our staff includes engineers experienced in engine and component design, aerodynamics and performance analysis, repair and coating technologies, as well as metallurgy and materials expertise.

More importantly staff are experienced in applying these disciplines to gas turbine engines, their design, operation, and maintenance. By analyzing a failure or reduced component life from several perspectives, we are able to identify the problem and its cause, and advise how to prevent its recurrence.

We perform a thorough independent analysis of problems and, where required, to modify or redesign components. To assist in our analysis, we use advanced computer programs from industry proven sources or developed at Liburdi.

Our computer analysis capability includes:

  • Finite Element Heat Transfer, Stress and Frequency Analysis.
  • Cooling Flow and Compressible Flow Network Analysis.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Rotor Dynamics.
  • GTAP™ Turbine Mean Line Aerodynamic Analysis.
  • Design, Off-Design and Transient Performance Analysis.
  • GTHM™ Engine On Condition Maintenance (service interval optimization).

Stage 1 Blade for Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Disc Finite Element Stress Analysis

Turbine Blade Temperature Profile