Engineering Services Overview

Liburdi Engineering provides a diverse range of Engineering Services in support of the gas turbine and precision welding industries, metallurgical analysis, mechanical design, performance monitoring, repair development and corporate research and development.

Our services in the turbine industry complement those offered by the original engine manufacturers while providing the added benefit of an independent engineering analysis and advanced, life extending, refurbishment processes and coatings.

Liburdi's Engineering support includes:

  • Metallurgical and mechanical analysis of weldments
  • Life analysis to assess micro structural, coating and creep degradation and determine remaining life
  • Failure or Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to understand and resolve problems
  • Extensive library of different superalloy and coating behaviour
  • Materials Course for engineers and turbine operators
  • Repair Standards and Specifications
  • Standards and Specifications for new component procurement
  • Review of overhaul findings and new turbine commissioning
  • Component design and upgrade analysis using aerodynamics, thermodynamics, and finite element expertise
  • Gas Turbine Performance Analysis Program (GTAP) to monitor the actual operation of the turbine and determine impact on component life or health monitoring
  • Design of component and turbine upgrades to improve power,efficiency, reliability

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