Interface Liburdi Dimetrics welding products with other leading orbital brands

Liburdi offers a range of adaptor kits that allow our welding heads and power supplies to interface with other leading orbital welding brands. This enables the customer to slowly convert from other orbital brands to our products over time to reduce the initial capital costs.

Below are some of the standard kits we offer, if you do not see your brand or model, please contact us. Our technical staff will respond to you quickly to ensure a smooth transition to the Liburdi orbital welding product line.


Dimetrics Connects With Your Existing Equipment

Arc Machines Inc to Dimetrics™ Adaptor Kit

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A truly modular pipe welding system with many configurations available to meet specific application requirements.

Narrow Groove Welding Utilizing the H-Head NG Front End and FireView Remote Vision System

H-Head — demonstration video