Liburdi Dimetrics — Advanced Orbital Welding Systems

Liburdi Dimetrics manufactures an extensive range of orbital welding products and precision lathes, seamers and positioners using advanced technologies acquired from Dimetrics, Hobart, Merrick Engineering, Weldline and Applied Cybernetics, enhanced by Liburdi.

These specialized GTAW, PAW, GMAW, FCAW and Variable Polarity systems and controllers are used extensively for precision welding of tube and pipe, medical devices, industrial, nuclear power generation and automotive components.

Our range of precision orbital welding products include: portable tube welders closed tube heads, Gold Track™ welding systems, open heads for pipe and boiler use, hot wire, narrow groove and variable polarity processes, process development and training

The modern line of Liburdi Dimetrics® products features the latest standard in PC based controls and the most advanced Pulsweld® power source technology for the best arc characteristics in the industry. The ultra fast series switch technology developed by Liburdi Pulsweld® is superior to conventional slower inverters and results in a pure, stable arc and the highest quality welds.