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Advanced Orbital Welding Systems 
Liburdi Dimetrics manufactures an extensive range of orbital welding products and precision lathes, seamers and positioners using advanced technologies acquired from Dimetrics, Hobart, Merrick Engineering, Weldline and Applied Cybernetics, enhanced by Liburdi. These specialized GTAW, PAW and GMAW systems and controllers are used extensively for precision welding of tube and pipe, medical devices, industrial, nuclear power generation and automotive components.

Our range of precision orbital welding products include:

  • portable tube welders
  • closed tube heads
  • Goldtrack welding systems
  • open heads for pipe and boiler use
  • hot wire, narrow groove and variable polarity processes
  • process development and training

Need a welding solution that works?

Now Open! Liburdi Houston Office
CPCC interview with Brian Lucas of Liburdi Demtrics
August 27, 2013
New Liburdi Edmonton Office

December 19, 2011 
CPCC TV "Alumni Success" Interview
with Brian Lucas of Liburdi Dimetrics 

May 13 2011 
'State of the art Orbital Welding Equipment in Education, Provided by Liburdi

May 11 2011 
New Orbital Pendant    'Now Supporting TIG applications'
+ *Optional Welding Lens Feature

March 15 2011 
J Weld Head  'Trackless' Low Profile Weld Head

July 7 2010  
New H Weld Head combining the best of F Head and Block Head.
October 19 2009   
We've Moved to our larger new facility in Mooresville, North Carolina
May 19 2009  
Applied Cybernetics Liburdi Welcomes Applied Cybernetics